Definition: Common Semitic noun *camm-, paternal kinsman, kin, clan, people. 1a. Jeroboam, from Hebrew yārobcām, the (divine) kinsman increased (yārob, he increased; see rbb); b. Rehoboam, from Hebrew rǝḥabcām, the (divine) kinsman has increased (rǝḥab, he has increased; see rḥb). Both a and b from Hebrew cām, people, clan (earlier also «kinsman»). 2. Ammonite, from Hebrew cammônî, Ammonite, from cammôn, Ammon, perhaps from Canaanite *camm, paternal kinsman, kin. 3. Hammurabi, from Akkadian ḫammurāpi, from Amorite *cammu-rāpiɔ, the (divine) kinsman (is) a healer, from *cammu, kinsman (*rāpiɔ, healer; see rp-2).

The American Heritage dictionary of the English language. 2015.

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